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things on tuesday :: ack!

With the long weekend I keep thinking today is Monday, but it’s not.  It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for ‘things on Tuesday!”  

  • long weekends that are actually relaxing, but still have a mix of good fun
  • my new bike!  
  • that our company website has been updated – it only took us three years to finalize the design and actually implement, but as of yesterday we are sporting a fabulous new look!  Still have some copy to fill in, but this is a huge step for us!!
  • that I will be getting my favorite flatbread from the Indiana farmers market this weekend – and seeing the pittmans
  • spring cleaning – now what to do with all of the stuff I want to part with … sell? donate? toss?
  • when Jay Leno wears a Burberry tie – I don’t know why, but I do.
  • that my high school reunion is just around the corner and I have not even thought about what to wear till today
  • rain.  rain.  rain.
  • days when I feel like I get nothing done – that was today
  • that I have to purchase a new air handler unit for my condo and have no idea how to qualify what is a quality purchase
  • summer TV
  • that I am having to wear my glasses more and they always seem dirty
That’s it for me.  What are you lovin’ and loathin’ this week?
  • June 1, 2011 - 3:56 pm

    maura_ea - So many of my friends are getting bikes, I want one too! I wish I lived closer to work so that I was able to use a bike for my commute. Any tips on where to get one?I’m lovin’ TJ Maxx, they have such great prices I was able to buy a ton of work shirts for a fraction of the cost of a department store. I can’t find work shirts at Old Navy and other low-cost clothing retailers – I have to dress more formal. Plus, I’m not great on my clothes (both wear and care) so I don’t like to spend much.I’m loathin’ overly sensitive co-workers – usually women. I’ve already got to tip toe around the internal customers, the last thing I need is to tip toe around YOU too. I just prefer working with men, it’s all business and that’s what I like.ReplyCancel

  • June 1, 2011 - 4:23 pm

    Yvette - Hey girl. Where do you live? I bought my bike at the local bike shop – you really need to ride it before you buy – they are all so different. REI sells the same one I got and there are a couple of awesome shops in NY that have great Dutch style bikes (but they are pricey). http://www.adelineadeline.com/ and http://publicbikes.com/.I can actually ride my bike to work (only 2 miles!) but find it difficult because I may need to visit a client last minute, and need a car to do so. Today is the perfect example of that. So for now, I will ride in the evening and over the weekends. TJ Maxx is good, but I gotta be in the mood to sift through stuff. I find lots of home decor gems there – way more than clothing. But that might just be my TJM. I work mostly with men and agree they are far less sensitive to daily BS. ; ) Hang in there!!ReplyCancel

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