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things on tuesday :: blah

So it’s Tuesday and I’m just feeling a little blah … just been in a bit of a fog this evening, not sure why. 

  • still getting rave reviews from a client and the design firm we’re working with – fingers crossed!
  • booked a trip to San Francisco for work and going making a weekend of it – now… where to photograph ??
  • Maroon 5 this Friday!
  • Javier Colon’s version of Time after Time
  • riding my bike downtown to wander around an art show and then back via the lake on a perfect day 
  • that I am finally putting together that photobook I bought on Groupon 
  • I’ve actually been able to check some things off the teuxduex list! 
  • that one of my coworkers is leaving and we have to find a new designer – was quite unexpected and to say that I am disappointed would be a gross understatement.  
  • the 4 1/2″ long scratch on my right thigh from Phoebe – something spooked her – they don’t even make band aids that big!
  • insecurities 
  • grocery shopping while hungry – never good.  never.
  • that I cannot figure out a fall vacation destination or dates .. and this girl needs a vaca!
  • that we always get fabulous weather in the middle of the work week – come on mother nature, work with us here!
  • starting back up at the gym and pulling something in my side … 
Bonne nuit!

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