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things on tuesday :: pilates

Yes, Pilates is my newest passion!  I am alternating Pilates with cardio at the gym and feelin’ so much better!  

  • that the Pilates DVD I bought is amazing!
  • finding these amazing little Moravian Cookies at the Fresh Market
  • fun new adventures in the city – dîner en blanc
  • catching up
  • my hair after a day at the salon – it always looks and feels so great
  • that raising my monitor at work seems to have helped some of my neck/shoulder pain – it’s the little things I tell you.
  • finding the perfect bag… that’s not so perfect
  • when people don’t listen to what I have to say
  • Lucy’s hairballs – damn long hair cats!
  • that the new gym locker room is as messy as my high school gym locker room – people are pigs!
  • that I never seem to get enough sleep
  • my new glasses are not super cute … but they do work!
  • that summer is almost over

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