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My tieks arrived today … been looking at these for a while.  They seem to be all the rage amont the Hollywood types in terms of ballet flats.  I saw a deal for % off and decided to take the plunge. They are a super cute package – who doesn’t love a blue box?  Am I right girls?  Anyhoo… tried them on and they are comfortable because they have some cushion on the bottom (rare) but there is so little fabric that comes up and over the foot I feel like they are going to fall off my feet when I walk.  And I have major toe cleve… not sure I’m in love with these and am so disappointed about that. 

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  • January 10, 2012 - 6:32 pm

    maura_ea - There’s something disturbing about the term “toe cleve”. It’s not what it is, it’s that I COMPLETELY understand. I will not buy shoes that show the spaces between my toes. It’s taken a lot of ballerina shoes out of the running for me.ReplyCancel

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