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easter { take one }

Ahh Easter weekend.  I drove down to Indiana for the weekend to hang with the Pittman crew.  Three Easter egg hunts in a single day – now that’s fun.  I met up with the gang just in time for the second hunt at the Country Club.  The kids got lots of candy and scooped it up at record speed.  Impressive really!

Then it was over to Friendship Park for the egg drop – yes, 20,000 eggs dropped from a helicopter in the middle of the park for the kids to snap up.  Now this was interesting.  They did indeed drop eggs from a helicopter, but it took a very long time and it was just a few eggs at a time.  The helicopter came back by four times to drop all of the eggs.  And the heigh from which they were dropped meant the contents often spilled out or turned to mush.  But, hey, it’s all in good fun, right?

Then it was back to the homstead for a few minutes of rest and a little Sloane photo session.  Don’t you just love those blue eyes??


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