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Today I am forty.  Seems forty is an age where everyone asks you the big questions – Are you happy?  Are you freaking out about turning forty?  What will you do with the next forty?  I say fu*k forty!  It’s just a number.  I have never been one to get all upset about turning another year older.  I mean, why do it?  You cannot stop it.  You cannot go back.  So, I say own it.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my forty years.  I have a small, but lovely family – I knew all four of my grandparents and one great grandmother. They provided me with a childhood that was simple and happy. They helped me become who I am today by giving me the power to make choices and supporting me weather they were right or wrong.

I have been able to fly.  Near and far … The big apple. Stonehenge.  Paris. The canals of Venice. The Charles Bridge in Prague. Bourbon Street. Vegas. Hawaii …  and so much more.

I have had fun.  A lot of fun!  I have amazing friends that have provided me with some of the best moments in my life. Final Fours. Spring Breaks. Weddings. Children. Festivals. Concerts.

I fell into a job that challenges me each and ever day and I don’t know what could beat that!  Do I have bad days?  Sure.  But in the end, I make a difference.  I am helping people.

So how do I feel about the first forty?  Fabulous. Fun. Fortunate.

Here’s to the next forty!

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