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rome : piazza navona

I am finally working my way through the zillions of photos from my trip to Italy and rather than doing one giant post, I have decided to focus on the special places / moments during our trip.

So we began our trip with an evening wandering through the Piazza Navona.  It’s a vibrant place to be – lots of people just sitting and enjoying each others company over food, drink and some of the most beautiful architecture and fountains.  I absolutely love the details in Italy – flowers on the balconies, decorative house numbers, the color of shutters and doors and little moments of religious figures on the building facades. I really wish I knew why they do this – to bless the inhabitants?  And how do they decide what the figure will be, how prominent it will be and where it is placed?

Oh and did you know that property cost increased with the number of windows a building has .. so if you look around, you will notice windows are painted onto buildings (see fourth row photo below) this was their way of saving money. Crazy fact I never knew before!

More to come… piazzanavona

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