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sweet small group this morning, the first of several workshops… and such a treat to spend time together, savoring how to photograph our lives in a beautiful way.

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I had the great opportunity to attend a photography workshop by the amazing Stacy Bostrom back in early February.  I was so excited to meet Stacy – having followed her photography blog for many years – and she was as lovely as I had imagined.  I arrived to her home – bright white and perfectly California chic – she showed me around and talked about the goals for the day.  The other ladies arrived and we made introductions and stocked up on refreshing beverages and off to the materials we went.  Stacy was a great teacher – thoughtful to each of our individual skill levels.

After some talk through the technical aspects and how she shoots – higher iso – we were greeted by three of the loveliest little girls who would be our models for the next hour.  She split us up into different areas to test our skills and what we had learned.  One bedroom that was bright white and filled with incoming light (the perfectly dreamiest room to shoot) then off to another room that was much darker (small window, but great mood) and then off to the back yard with full sun.  For an added challenge for me, she sent me into a different white room that had dim light.  She split us into groups with each of the girls and they were great – must have been intimidating to have two or three people with a camera in your face saying do this or that.  This little beauty was a natural.  My favorite images from the class by far.  Almost no editing required at all on these either!sb_1

I was able to shoot with fabulous lenses she had rented – the 85mm and 50mm 1.2 – they are so much heavier, but are completely dreamy.  Crazy enough, we were all Canon shooters – so that worked out great!  While I knew most of the basics, I did learn a bit about her Lightroom editing and we were able to completely save an image in post!  I have used the Lightroom tips quite a lot and it’s probably my biggest take away from the class.  sb_2The images of this girl with beautiful curls and big brown eyes is another great example of the editing I learned. While I really love it when the images straight out of the camera are perfect, sometimes post production work just makes an image.  This is the true difference that a photographer brings to the table … don’t you think?sb_4That said – even someone with a lot of experience can still get it wrong.  This is my biggest problem – seeing that everything is perfectly in focus through the viewfinder.  I tend to rapid fire and not take enough time to be sure that everything is in the focal plane. The middle image below is perfect … except for that right eye, grr! sb_3

Outside we went and that’s when things are just so much easier.  I prefer sunny to shade, but for sure with the sun behind – no one wants hotspot highlights on their face!  Overall my experience with the workshop was fantastic.  I wish I lived closer to California so I could attend more!  Stacy will continue to inspire me and I truly look forward to her blog updates – they so perfectly depict a southern California lifestyle.  Maybe one day I will find myself on the left coast.


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