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Thanks for visiting my little home online.  My name is Yvette.  I grew up in a small town in Northeast Kansas – part farm girl, part city girl.  And… well… the city girl won and I now reside in the Chicago area.  I simply love coming home to this city.  Seeing the skyline still puts a smile on my face every single time – cheesy, I know!  I am forty-something, still looking for Mr. Right and have two cats, Lucy and Phoebe.

I am a graduate of the University of Kansas [ design ] and as a result am a huge college basketball fan. I have been to four Final Fours and was there in 2008 when my team, the Jayhawks, took the title. It was one of those moments I am positive I will never forget.

I am slightly obsessed with travel – European cities are my favorite destinations! I think maybe I was French in a past life. I am so thankful that my parents let me fly off to backpack through Europe while doing a little study abroad thing. It absolutely changed my life.

I am a designer and project manager for a small firm and have been with that same firm for 20 years. [ weird, I know!! ] It’s kind of hard to explain what exactly I do, but let me give it a go. I design signage and wayfinding systems. Think of an airport or hospital – you know all of those signs that tell you where to go, well I design those. I decide what they look like, what they say, where they are placed in the space, how they are made and connected to the architecture. Each project is a whole new set of challenges and thus my job is ever changing.

Good design inspires me.  Interiors. Product.  Print.  Web.  I love it all. I follow a ridiculous amount of RSS feeds – almost all design inspired – but don’t get to visit them nearly as often as I would like.

Oh and then there’s the photography.  I do not consider myself a “photographer” but rather a photo enthusiast. Hobbiest? I don’t know exactly, but I LOVE to take pictures. I always have.  I have had my photos published in a few books and most recently in an iPhone app! I have not ventured into selling my photos because I fear it will no longer be fun.  It might become more work than pleasure and I work enough at the day job.  🙂

I have been blogging since 2004 – specifically photoblogging. I started this blog in 2006 [ on Vox, then Posterous, Blogger and now self-hosted WordPress ] and think of it as my online journal. I blog about what I like and what I do and it’s … simply my life.


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