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ohc : fourth pres

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is hosting Open House Chicago – a giant open house of 150 of the coolestView full post »

millennium park

I started my staycation with a walk through the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park – had never actually walkedView full post »

chicago clickin walk

(see mobile pics here) Processed the “big camera” photos today so I could get everything posted on theView full post »

staycation : six

stay : six podiatrist history @ the chicago history museum 95 floors above the city @ the john hancock observatory LetView full post »

saint louis art museum

A few weeks ago I was in St. Louis visiting my friend Jennifer where we spent the day taking a few of the touristyView full post »

the all new loo!

Three weeks ago I started renovating the bathroom in my condo.  It was supposed to only be a week, but as mostView full post »

building my beehive

Renovation of the “loo” part one has begun. I cannot wait to have my beautiful new bathroom all putView full post »

living up to her name

Holy smokes was it windy by the lake tonight. So windy I couldn’t stand still to snap a photo. And the blue hourView full post »

look up

, a photo by YF [ yffoto ] on Flickr. This is what I do while waiting for my colleagues for meetings in the city.View full post »


Finally made my way to Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio.  I have to say, learning how he builtView full post »


Weekend in the sun.View full post »


Meetings in the loopView full post »